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A BIOGRAPHY/​MEMOIR TOLD IN TWO VOICES -- Lara Moskovitz's original memoir is embedded in the author's narrative, which gives the political, geographical, social and personal surroundings of her mother's odyssey from Roumania to Florida. Over 160 photographs and illustrations enliven this compelling story. Before there were feminists, Lara lived the life of a fully realized woman of spirit, heart and sense. She survived heartbreak and terrible losses and turned her rich life into one of great fulfillment.


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Short stories and vignettes based on family members in CALL HER BLESSED
The world-renowned lover returns in the being of an irresistible cat.
Based on a true story set in America's South and Havana, Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century which deals with an Eastern European Jewish tradition of "special women."
Hugo von Hofmannsthal is credited with creating the greatest female character ever to tread the operatic boards--Marie Therese (Die Marschallin in the opera DER ROSENKAVALIER). She was his Muse, his Goddess, his ideal woman. He created his GALATEA according to patriarchal culture which not only put a female Muse at the beck and call of the artist, but also dictated that ALL incarnations of Aphrodite--all females --be innately subservient to males. In this play the artist's creation comes to life as a vibrant, seeking, uncertain, loving human being who is now free to be her SELF and to love whomever and however she chooses. This famous myth is stood on its heels breaking tradition by regarding it from the matriarchal point of view.

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